Therapist Testimonials

Alumni Weekends are a great opportunity to deepen one's recovery, connect with the original community of healing, and be a "vaccination" to the dark forces of addiction. I appreciated the invitation to be part of Keystone ECU's Alumni Reunion 2012 as a presenter. While I have knowledge of Keystone's treatment program through clients I have worked with, and staff I have met at professional conferences, I truly enjoyed the opportunity to be steeped in a community of recovery that weekend. I felt welcomed by staff and recovering community, alike. I appreciated seeing the many gifts that staff has to offer with respect to their presentations and wisdom of experience. This was my first visit to "the house". I know that when clients come out of treatment at Keystone they have been handed a strong foundation to begin their recovery process. My clients have tried to relate to me what a special place and community Keystone has been for them. I appreciated the opportunity to see first hand for myself.

-Nina M. Laltrello, MFT

As a psychotherapist who specializes in “sex addiction” I can say with confidence that Keystone  provides quality personalized care at an affordable price. Keystone’s highly trained therapists guides each person through the process of discovery and healing.  It offers compassionate yet a no non-sense treatment for those who are serious about ensuring lifelong recovery and freedom from problematic sexual behaviors.  My clients who went to Keystone described their experience as “life altering”. That’s a pretty good recommendation.

-John Giugliano PhD, LCSW

Over the past ten years I have referred almost forty men and women to Keystone ECU.  For me, Keystone’s treatment model is in alignment with what we try to achieve here in Seattle at “No More Secrets.”  I appreciate Keystone’s high level of professionalism, and I love our working relationship.  I feel as if I am kept in the therapeutic loop before, during, and after my clients’ stay there.  Every client has returned to me better than they were before they went.  Keystone encourages their clients to stay connected after discharge and most of my men do keep reaching back once they return home.  My men always tell me two things when they come back home: first, that I sent them to the right place, and second, that they never felt safer in their lives than they felt in Keystone.  As far as I am concerned, Keystone is the best treatment center for Sex Addiction money can buy.  I look forward to continuing on in our professional relationship.

-Jay Parker

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