Sexual Addiction Treatment at KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit

Sexual Addiction Treatment at KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit

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Sex Addiction Help: Why Choose Us?

The KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit (ECU), established in 1994, is one of the oldest sex addiction treatment centers in the country. We care for a broad range of problematic sexual behaviors in men, including internet and porn addictions, relationship addiction and intimacy disorders. Our facility is a sensitive, judgment-free environment where you can begin to heal. Men from all over the world turn to us for hope and a new start. We offer:

Expert Providers

Our sole focus is sex addiction, so you receive care from highly specialized therapists, physicians and coaches. You work with a team that includes certified sex addiction therapists (CSATs), trauma-informed art therapists and other dedicated providers.

Intensive Therapy

We offer a 30-day residential program and are one of the few centers to provide a full 7-day therapy schedule. You get the time and deep focus necessary to work through sex behavior disorders. The small size of our 16-bed rehabilitation facility and our 1:1 patient-provider ratio help ensure personalized care.

Trauma-focused Care

For many men addicted to sex, trauma is at the root of their disorder. We help you identify and process past abuse, neglect or rejection. This approach is highly effective for long-term recovery, even if you’ve relapsed after other inpatient or outpatient treatment programs.

Competitive Pricing

KeyStone Center ECU is one of the lowest-cost inpatient sexual addiction treatment centers available. Our self-pay package is often less expensive than the out-of-pocket costs associated with programs partially covered by insurance.

Evidence-based Therapies

Our comprehensive treatments include individual, group and family counseling. We also offer trauma-focused therapies such as art, drama and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) for men addicted to sex.

Peer Support

Our all-male program and our sole focus on sex addiction mean you can feel comfortable sharing your story with men who face similar experiences. Group therapy offers camaraderie, accountability and community, without isolation.

Our Programs for Sexual Addiction and Sexually Compulsive Behavior

Our key areas of focus and expertise include:

How Can KeyStone Help Me?

The KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit is a competency-based program that utilizes patients’ strengths in order to promote recovery from sexually compulsive behavior and trauma. Our staff consists of a multidisciplinary team who incorporates the twelve-steps, a family systems perspective, education, and a trauma-based focus.

Here to Help 24/7

To schedule a no-cost assessment or for more information, please call 800-733-6840, or click below to contact us.

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For years KeyStone established its reputation for a place to deepen one’s recovery and has been an essential component to the continuum of care for sex addicts.

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Dr. Patrick Carnes

Phd, CAS, Founder of IITAP & the CSAT Certification Program

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Our Location

The KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit is a 16-bed facility in suburban Philadelphia dedicated to the treatment of sexual compulsion and trauma.


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Success Stories

Kind and Caring Support
“As a family member, this was such a difficult time in my life. Me and my partner’s treatment experience was kind and caring. My needs were understood and attended to at all points in the process. Our facilitator was skilled in running our sessions and I found her to be very supportive prior to, during and after our family program. My feelings were heard and validated at all times. I am so thankful that the KeyStone ECU staff was and continues to be there.”
KeyStone Alumni
KeyStone truly saved my life
"I came to KeyStone scared to death for my life and my future. I do not know what I would have done or where I would have ended up if not for KeyStone. KeyStone truly saved my life."
KeyStone Alumni
KeyStone — A Safe Haven
"KeyStone provided a safe haven and gave me the tools to heal and to understand what happened to me when I was a child. The therapists focused on exactly what needed to be addressed. The staff truly cares and remains available to me as an alumni 24/7!"
KeyStone Alumni

Patient Satisfaction

Our patients report excellent experiences at KeyStone Center ECU. Based on patient surveys from 2022, 98% said they felt better upon discharge than when they were admitted, and 96% reported that the program met their treatment goals and needs. We listen to your feedback so we can continually improve our services and outcomes.

4.91 / 5
I was treated with dignity and respect.
4.80 / 5
My treatment goals and needs were met.
4.91 / 5
I feel better now than when I was admitted.

* Data based on patients surveyed between July-December 2022.

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