Internet Sex Addiction

Modern technology and the internet have made sexual content more accessible than ever. Easy access to online sex has led to an increase in a mental health disorder called internet sex addiction. Also called cybersex addiction, people with this condition have an uncontrollable need to participate in virtual sexual behavior.

Keystone Center ECU Internet Sex Addiction

If you have internet sex addiction, you prioritize your need for online sex over every other aspect of your life, including family, relationships, work and finances. Internet sex addiction can be destructive and cause intense shame, anxiety and isolation. At the KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit (ECU), we’re here to help you regain control of your life.

Do I Have a Cybersex Addiction?

You may have a cybersex addiction if you:

  • Avoid real-world sexual relationships in favor of online sexual relationships
  • Continue problematic online sexual behavior despite its negative effects
  • Engage in sexual fantasies online that you wouldn’t attempt in the real world
  • Find that your online behavior is becoming riskier, or that you’re considering acting out risky sexual behavior in the real world
  • Hide your online sexual activity from others
  • Search for sexual content on webcams or social media sites
  • Stop participating in social activities so that you can pursue sex online
  • Use online dating apps or chat rooms to pursue sexual relationships

Is Internet Sex Addiction the Same as Porn Addiction?

An internet sex addiction means you’re addicted to sexual content online, often involving another person. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you have a pornography addiction. A porn addiction is when you have an uncontrollable urge to watch or read representations of sexual activity, usually by yourself.

For example, someone with an internet sex addiction may feel excited or fulfilled pursuing sexual relationships through online dating apps. But they may not necessarily watch pornography. Internet sex addiction and porn addiction can overlap.

What Causes Internet Sex Addiction?

Cybersex addiction often results from many factors, some of which may go back to your childhood. Traumatic events early in life can lead to destructive behavior in adulthood.

The condition can go hand in hand with other mental health disorders or substance use disorders. Compulsive sexual behavior on the internet may also be related to an emotional intimacy disorder or another form of sex addiction.

Heal From Your Addiction to Online Sex: Why Choose KeyStone Center ECU?

Our sex addiction rehabilitation program for men offers:

  • Specialized experts: We focus exclusively on sex addiction treatment. Your care team of therapists, counselors and coaches has extensive training in the evidence-based approaches to cybersex addiction recovery.
  • Comprehensive treatment: We draw on a variety of treatments to help you heal — physically, emotionally and spiritually. From art and drama therapy to couples and family counseling, we tailor your recovery plan to your needs.
  • Peer support: Our all-male program features intensive group therapy, a strong alumni community and a close-knit residential environment. You can feel comfortable sharing your story with men who face similar challenges.

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