Welcome to the KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit (ECU)

For issues surrounding sexual compulsivity and trauma, we are here to help. The residential center is a 16-bed treatment program located in Suburban Philadelphia. The Extended Care Unit treats multiple addictions and co-occurring disorders. Treatment components address the cognitive, behavioral, spiritual, emotional and psychological aspects of addiction and recovery. Program activities are provided seven days a week. The length of stay varies in this twelve-step based program and ranges depending upon individual needs and completion of specific therapeutic tasks. The minimum length of stay is 30 days.

Recognizing Sexually Compulsive/Addictive Behavior

Sexually compulsive behavior interferes with healthy living and can result in significant stress to both the individual and the family or partner. Behaviors treated at KeyStone Center’s Extended Care Unit include the following:

  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Affairs, one-night stands, sex with prostitutes and escorts
  • Anonymous sex, public sex, lewd conduct
  • Obsession with pornography in any form
  • Compulsive sexual episodes and repetitive unhealthy sexual behaviors
  • Substance abuse and addiction related to sexual behaviors
  • Compulsive phone sex and/or sexting
  • Internet sex (pornography, video cameras, cybersex, and chatting)
  • Exhibitionism and voyeurism
  • Dangerous and self-destructive sexual practices
  • Traumatic re-enactment of past sexual experiences
  • Love and relationship addiction
  • Co-dependency
  • Sexual anorexia

Why choose the KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit?
The KeyStone Center Extended Care unit (ECU) provides individualized treatment utilizing a holistic approach to mind and body. The caring and compassionate staff promote patient strengths in a secure environment where healing may begin. The KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit provides a multidisciplinary team made up of seasoned professionals dedicated to the treatment of sexual addiction and trauma that have worked in the ECU since it’s inception. The multidisciplinary team includes a psychiatrist, physician, art therapist, psychologists, social workers, family therapists and interns.

What sets us apart from other treatment providers?
The KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit (ECU) clients are asked to fill out a patient satisfaction survey upon discharge. The results of the surveys indicate an excellent rating (the highest score possible) in several key areas: compassionate and caring staff, competency of the clinical program and small unit size. The ECU alumni felt that they received world-class treatment at a more affordable cost. In the spring of each year, KeyStone hosts an alumni weekend in which graduates of the program are invited to attend a weekend of workshops. The alumni weekend was formed to celebrate the joys and struggles of recovery, acting as a “booster shot” in the recovery process. Our staff feels passionate about the work they do and it shows in every facet of the program.

Get Help Now

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