Our Admission Criteria

Age: Adults (18 years old and older)
Gender: Male

Applicant: Persons who are admitted to the KeyStone Center ECU must have a primary problem with sexually compulsive behavior, sex addiction and/or trauma. Persons with love addiction and co-dependency behaviors are also considered and encouraged to apply. Clients must be physically and cognitively able to participate in the program.

Interactive Disorders

Persons with co-occurring disorders such as, chemical dependency, mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder, and self-defeating behaviors are considered as long as sexual compulsivity is present.

*The ECU does not discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, color, ancestry or national origin.

Exclusionary Criteria

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to accommodate certain conditions. Persons with severe head injury or intellectual disability may not have the cognitive ability to keep the intense pace of our program’s group work. Case-by-case consideration is applied in these instances. Persons with acute or chronic medical conditions that require skilled nursing care are encouraged to physically stabilize prior to entering treatment. Finally, individuals who are destructive, aggressive or violent and unable to participate in group work with others are unlikely to benefit from our program. The ECU is an open voluntary residential program that cannot accommodate individuals who require constant monitoring or a locked secure environment.

Suggested Items to Bring

Check the weather; be prepared for being hot in the house, but pack clothes appropriate to season. While in the house, all shorts/skirts must be knee-length or longer, even when seated. Be sure to check your shorts/shirts to determine if they meet this requirement. All shirts must have sleeves, short sleeves are OK, tank tops are not. Graphics on clothing must be appropriate (i.e., do not depict sexualized or drug/alcohol content). You may bring workout clothes if you plan to exercise while you are here. All clients must sleep in some type of shorts and t-shirt or pajamas. Slippers are to be worn while upstairs from bedroom to bathroom. Sandals must be worn with socks.

We will provide you with sheets, pillow cases and blanket(s), though some clients prefer to bring their own comforters, quilts and pillows. You will be provided with towels and washcloths though you are welcome to bring your own. There are laundry facilities on-site, they are not coin-operated, though you will be required to provide your own detergent and fabric softener.

Bring ANY prescribed medications that you are currently taking. If you do not have a month’s supply, it may simplify your stay here if you have them refilled before arriving. You will, however, have access to a pharmacy while you are here. Medications must be stored in their original container and the instructions on the bottle should reflect how you take the medication. Bring any OTC medication and/or nutritional supplements you might anticipate needing (i.e., Tylenol, antacid, vitamins) in original containers.

Personal Items

  • Toiletries (non-alcohol based)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Long-distance calling card
  • Stamps/Stationary
  • Notebook/paper/pens for assignments
  • Water bottle or container with a lid for water

Contraband Items
Please do not bring personal computers, Kindles or any device with video/image capability with you. Electronic devices such as cell phones and PDA’s will be stored for you during your stay; you will have access to them should you require to obtain contact/appointment information. Clients may not bring iPods or electronic music devices of any kind.

Get Help Now

Call 800-733-6840 or contact us to connect with the KeyStone Center Extended Care Unit.