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Behavioral Health Services in Chester, PA

At the Keystone Center ECU, we understand the challenges that patients face with compulsive sexual behavior. Have confidence in knowing that help is nearby. We facilitate behavioral health services in Chester, PA, that are effective and discreet. By adopting a patient-oriented approach, we empower patients to identify their behavioral and health problems. We are a multidisciplinary team that provides patients with the support and assistance they require to overcome challenges.

Compulsive sexual behavior, is an excessive preoccupation with sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors. This disorder negatively affects personal and family relationships, strains professional and career focus, and endangers physical and mental health. At our center, we are committed to helping patients regain control over their lives. We do this by offering a variety of psychiatric services that utilize a combination of behavioral therapy, counseling, and education. Each client is assigned an individual therapist, a family therapist, and a First Step counselor. As clinically appropriate, clients may also work with our trauma-informed art therapist and receive Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy as part of their treatment. EMDR and Trauma Informed Art Therapy can also be incorporated into an individual’s treatment plan, as clinically appropriate.

Individual Counseling

We are a team of medical professionals who understand the effects of compulsive sexual behavior and how it affects the lives of others. As such, we emphasize discreet and private counseling for patients. We work with each patient to facilitate a treatment program which empowers individuals to identify their problems and formulate strategies for working past them. Individual counseling may be intensive or problem-specific, depending on the needs of the patient. Counseling may also include psychiatric treatment.

Couples Counseling

Often, behavioral health and psychiatric disorders affect more than the individual suffering from them. Staff members work with the client and his or her significant other to begin to repair difficulties that have arisen in the relationship due to the client’s addiction. Couples’ counseling is recommended by the treatment team based upon the client’s needs.

Family Education and Therapy

Family education and therapy are essential components of the client’s recovery. Before admission to the program, prospective clients and their families are informed of the expectations of family participation. The family component may involve:

  • Individual Family Therapy
  • Group Family Therapy
  • Group Family Education
  • An Introduction to Twelve-Step Therapy

If the family is unable to travel to our facility for the family component, the staff may make recommendations to the family for support services, counseling, and education within their home community. Telephone family therapy sessions are encouraged.

Twelve-Step Therapy

The 12 Step program provides a set of guiding principles for recovery from addiction, compulsion, and behavioral problems. It allows individuals to understand the nature of their problems and to get in touch with support networks that encourage the individual to make healthy, proactive action. We allow clients to attend 12 Step meetings regularly, and at the end of the treatment they are encouraged to obtain a sponsor.

Therapeutic Reading

A central component of the extended treatment of sexual compulsivity is the assignment of reading materials and written assignments as appropriate to the needs of the client. These assignments are reviewed with the clinical staff members individually and within group settings as deemed appropriate for the enhancement of group members.

Contact us and request a mental health assessment. We are located in Chester, PA, and serve the surrounding area.