Our Programs for Sexual Compulsion and Addiction

KeyStone Center’s Extended Care Unit (ECU) offers a range of programs to help you overcome the challenges of sexual compulsion and addiction.

Keystone Center ECU Sexual Addiction Program

It can be scary to feel like you don’t have control over your behavior or your life. Our recovery center offers a respectful, supportive environment where you can begin to heal.

Recognizing Problematic Sexual Behavior

Sexual desire is instinctual, and sex is an important part of life. But when does sex become an obsession? How do you know when your need for sex becomes unhealthy, uncontrollable and damaging to others?

You may have a sexual behavior disorder if you:

  • Can’t stop problematic sexual behavior despite clear negative consequences
  • Feel a lack of control over your focus on sex
  • Feel shame, fear or anger about sex
  • Hurt loved ones as a result of your obsession with sex
  • Prioritize sex over your relationships, work and finances

Types of problematic sexual behavior may include:

  • Affairs, one-night stands or sex with prostitutes and escorts
  • Anonymous sex, public sex or lewd conduct
  • Avoidance of sex or affection
  • Co-dependency
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Compulsive phone sex and/or sexting
  • Exhibitionism (public display of genitals or sexual behavior)
  • Obsessive use of pornography, video cameras, cybersex or chatting
  • Substance abuse and addiction related to sexual behaviors
  • Traumatic re-enactment of past sexual experiences
  • Voyeurism (pleasure from watching others undress or engage in sexual activity)

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Specialized Sexual Addiction Therapy

We blend expertise, intensive therapy and compassion to deliver excellent outcomes for addictive and compulsive sexual behavior disorders. Our sex addiction rehab program helps you regain control of your life.

Internet Sex Addiction

An internet sex addiction, or cybersex addiction, describes an uncontrollable need to engage in sexual behavior online. Learn more about sex addiction.

Pornography Addiction

A pornography addiction is the inability to stop using porn (online, pictures or text) despite the negative effects on your life. Read more about pornography addiction.

Relationship Addiction

A relationship addiction, or love addiction, is a destructive and obsessive focus on your partner or on pursuing romantic relationships. Learn more about relationship addiction.

Sexual Anorexia

Sexual anorexia is an avoidance of sex or intimate physical contact due to intense feelings of shame, anxiety, guilt or disgust about sex. Find out more about sexual anorexia.

Intimacy Disorders

An intimacy disorder is an inability to connect or be vulnerable with others, either physically or emotionally, that is often rooted in trauma. Learn more about intimacy disorders.

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